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Childbook Mashup

This is a cross between If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and Little Shop of Horrors.


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Comments 4 kids

I commented on the following blogs.

10 year old Gracie from Canada


11 year old Clarissa from Arizona


12 year old Isabelle from California


I chose this age range because my oldest daughter falls into it; she’s eleven.  Since taking Digital Media I’ve been considering starting her up with a blog of her own, with exstensive parental supervision of course.  She really wants to put herself out there and she is really artistic and creative.  She loves to draw and write stories.  A blog would be a good way for her to share her work with the world.  I looked at the blogs of this age group to see how and what they were doing with their blogs.  Some of them were doing a really good job.  One of the blogs was from girl who loves to read and she is a huge Harry Potter fan.  Her blog was all about Harry Potter.  As a Harry Potter fan myself I really enjoyed her blog.  She had youtube videos on her blog and she was trying to be interactive by asking question on her blog.  This was a fun experience and I really think I may be revisiting this Harry Potter blog.

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The fist step in my brainstorming was to think what I would want my country to be like.  I thought of our own country and how it was founded on religion.  What I find sad is that now we are the third largest unchurched nation in the world.  How did we get to that?  I find it rather sickening that they are trying to take God out of everything; God is everywhere .

When I think of my country I think of an island, secluded from the rest of the world.  Living on my island are only Christians.  Because God called us all to be messengers we couldn’t just stay on the island forever.  Some of use would have to travel to other countrys to help lead people to Christ.  At that point they would be given the option of joining us on our island.  Children of course would always be welcome on the island but they must become Christians by there 23 birthday.  If not, sadly, they would have to leave.  In the event they did become Christians they would be welcome to come back.

Since my country is based entirely on Christianity, I wanted my flag, stamp, letterhead, and currency to depict that theme.  I named my country Carpenter Holy Nation and on my flag is a picture of Jesus with the words  Carpenter Holy Nation where God is first and we are all brethren in Christ.  I didn’t just pull these words out of a hat they have some meaning.  The church I go to is a Brethren in Christ church and two sundays ago my pastor gave a sermon on prioritizing the right way in which God is first.

When it comes to my flag, I didn’t come up with multiple rough sketches.  I knew what I wanted and I created it.  I love the center of my flag so that I will not change but the background I will probably work on.  I don’t want to redraw Jesus multiple times so I will simply erase and redraw until I get the flag right.  I do however want to make my Jesus look a little more like Jesus; my husband says it looks like the lead singer of Nickleback, I agree.

My dad used to draw this star thing that I can’t exactly remember, but I used that idea when creating my stamp.  For the logo on my letterhead I simply used a combination of the ideas from my flag and my stamp.

I am not at all pleased with my currency and will definately be working on that.  I want to incorporate religious symbols, but I can’t seem to get them right.


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This American Life unfortunately had to make its first retraction and it was of one of its most popular stories, “Mike Daisey and the Apple Factory.”  Although a journalist’s job is to be sure of the truth before it is made public, I in no way hold Ira Glass responsible for what I believe to be the fault of Daisy.  We are all human and everyone makes mistakes from time to time and we all have been guilty of putting our faith into an untrustworthy source at sometime in our lives.  What is different in this situation is that the mistake was witnessed worldwide.  It is unfortunate, but I believe Ira’s faithful followers will remain just that; faithful.

When I heard Mike Daisy’s story about his trip to Shenzhen, several times my heart strings felt a tug.  I now know that Daisy was just playing with the anticipated emotion that he knew he could get out of his audience.  In the words of Ira Glass, the most powerful moments in Daisy’s story were all fabricated.  When he tells this story he presents it as something that happened to him.  When he does this, like Ira I’m thinking that this story is fact not fiction or embellishments.  The fact of the matter is that he lied to Ira about the truth of his story.

As I listened to Daisy’s story I thought to myself, this is a good storyteller.  Daisy believes that much of this story was the best work he ever did.  I now believe this just to be a well rehearsed fabrication.  I no longer think that Daisy is a good story teller.  When caught in his lie and put on the spot he was slow in responding and most of what he said was hogwash and more lies.  Ira pointed out that even when he would admit he lied he would qualify it with something, that it was never simple; he never simply said, “I lied.”  The whole thing bewilders me because Daisy himself said that the truth always matters.  I guess he forgot that when he fabricated his story and lied to Ira.

Daisy seems to me to be living in an altered reality.  His perception of the truth is not what mine is, or Ira’s is, or even what I would imagine most of the rest of the world’s would be.  Daisy said he doesn’t agree that his story was a lie.  He said that everything in his story was built out of his trip and so he doesn’t accept that interpretation.  In my mind that interpretation is the only interpretation.  Daisy is trying to add gray areas to what truth is.  I know a lot of things in this world are not simply black and white, but the truth is not one of those things.  The truth is the truth and there are no gray areas.  If you’re not telling the truth than the only other option is that you’re telling a lie.  I think it is time that Daisy faced up to the consequences of his actions and admits that.

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