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Our Digital Media II class went to the State of Now 140 conference in Hutchinson, KS.  The conference was essentially about digital media and how it plays a role in small towns.  Our class was there running some video cameras and a telecaster.  I got to work with the telecaster that day for the first time and really enjoyed getting my hands wet.  We had another purpose at the conference as well; we were there of course to absorb what the speakers were saying.

The speaker that I will always remember the most is Patsy Terrell.  The topic of her speech was Nutburgers Unite.  Basically, a nutburger is someone who’s ideas are different from the norm, eccentric if you will.  We’ve all heard the phrase two minds are better than one; well, what if you had a room full of nutburgers and all of them had different ideas?  That is what Patsy discussed in her speech.  She was outgoing and easy to listen to and I honestly could have listened to her talk all day.  As part of our class’s experience, we wanted to interact with some of the speakers and so we interviewed a few during the break for lunch.  Of course we couldn’t resist but to hear Patsy Terrell speak again.  We sought her out and got a few minutes of her time.

Another speaker that I really enjoyed getting to hear is fellow classmate Brian Butters whose speech was Social Media to Kill the Cultural  Stigma.  We are a small class that has been together multiple semesters and I’ve begun to feel less like an individual just trying to pass a required class and more like and individual who is part of a group that is working together and helping one another to achieve our common goals (especially after all of our interaction with each other today outside of class).  When Brian spoke, it was kind of like one of “us” was speaking.  I feel like if one of us can do it, then all of us can do it.  This includes me, but I struggle to believe in myself and thus appreciated Brian’s speech all that much more; thumbs up Brian for putting yourself out there.

The story that resonated with me the most is Carrie Mess’s How One Tweet Turned into Hope During the Drought.   It was an amazingly touching story about Carrie’s desire to help collect hay for farmers in need.  Carrie made a post online stating her plea and the hay started flowing in.   This story really illustrated the power of the internet and the power of God.

I feel that this conference was really beneficial to me.  I can’t really pinpoint it to anything particular about the conference, but ever since it seems like I’ve had a boost of confidence and a lot of good luck has been coming my way.  I would recommend this conference to anyone, especially future Digital Media students.


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