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Shot Types


The following are examples of different camera shots taken from Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode Breakdown.  In this episode a man (played by Joseph Cotton) shows no emotion and ridicules those that do.  He gets in a car accident and becomes paralyzed but everyone thinks he is dead.  They take his body to the morgue and the only way to save himself is to show emotion.

Establishing ↑

Wide ↑

Medium ↑

Medium ↑

Medium Close-up ↑

Close-up ↑

Extreme Close-up ↑

Reaction/Reverse ↑

The following are examples of different camera shots taken from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Rope.  Two men kill a classmate and the intelligent professor Rupert Cadell (played by one of my personal favorites Jimmy Stewart) becomes conscious of the truth.

Establishing and Dutch Angle ↑

Wide ↑

Medium ↑

Over-the-Shoulder ↑


The first two following videos are both from master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.  The first is The Lady Vanishes which is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies.  It is about a lady who disappears off a train and no one will admit she was ever on it.  It bears remarkable resemblance to the more contemporary Jodie Foster film Flight Plan.   The second movie is Alfred Hitchcock’s The Rope which some of my stills were taken from.  The third video  is someone’s compilation of their favorite Curly Sue moments.  I was trying to go for an Alfred Hitchcock theme but I had a hard time finding a tilt in his films.  I had a distinct tilt shot pictured in my head though and it came from the classic move Curly Sue starring Jim Belushi.  The scene is when Gray has bought Sue new clothes and cleaned her up; she is admiring Sue ‘s lovely appearance.  Her eyes wonder from Sue’s head all the way down to her feet where she sees that the girl still has on her old sneakers.

Dolly Shot at 32:08 ↑

Pan Shot at 1:05:53 ↑

Tilt at 4:35 ↑


Little House on the Prairie has always been one of my favorite shows and this particular scene comes from the episode titled Back to School Part 2.  This is one of my favorite episodes because it is where Laura meets her future husband Almanzo.  This scene had 24 different shots which gives it an average of eight shots per min and an average shot length that is very close to eight as well.

0:00-0:27 Medium Shot and either Dolly Shot or zoom

0:28-0:32 Establishing Shot

0:33-0:38 Medium Shot

0:39-0:54 Pan Shot

0:55-1:05 Medium and Over-the-shoulder Shot

1:06-1:10 Reaction / Reverse  and Close-up Shot

1:11-1:12 Reaction / Reverse  and Close-up Shot

1:13-1:14 Reaction / Reverse  and Close-up Shot

1:15-1:27 Wide Shot and Pan Shot

1:28-1:42 Medium Shot

1:43-1:46 Medium Shot

1:47-1:52 Wide Shot and Dolly Shot

1:53-2:00 Wide Shot

2:01-2:06 Medium Shot

2:07-2:15 Medium Shot and Tilt

2:16-2:19 Medium Close-up Shot

2:20-2:23  Medium Close-up Shot and Reaction Shot

2:24-2:25 Medium Close-up Shot and Reaction Shot

2:26-2:41 Medium Close-up Shot and Reaction Shot and a little Pan and Tilt

2:42-2:45 Medium Close-up Shot

2:46-2:53 Wide Shot and Pan Shot

2:54-2:57 Medium Shot and Close-up Shot

2:58-3:06 Wide Shot and a very subtle Pan Shot

3:07-3:12 Wide Shot


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